Django Again!! – Let the operation begin.

This is unbelievable that not only I have tried to learn Django so many times and yet failed, this is my second attempt to write a blog about learning it. Yes, its the same draft I made a week ago. Hope it goes to completion.

So I am following Django girls tutorial  cause it looks short and simple. I tried the tutorial provided by official django site, well it didn’t work for me  . I will be trying it later. Presently I need to build something quickly.

So this tutorial teaches development using python 3 and django version 1.9.0 or higher.

I have OS Ubuntu 14.04. Quick points I learnt.

  • Something new to learn :D. PyCharm- Integrated Development Environment for Python .
  • New .command to use in terminal so I am inludeing this in the list.
  • While creating python3 virtual environment, I would prefer using the following command
     sudo apt-get install python3.4-venv

    rather than using

     sudo apt-get install python3-venv.
  • Also , following commands for pip and django installtion.
     sudo apt-get install python3-pip.
    sudo pip3 install django
  • Dunder- “double underscore” 😀
  •  Views are logic, models give us information, view process them and give it to template.
  • Useful for finding colour codes
  • If you find problem in inserting data on your local computer through django shell, check the permissions of the database and try changing them using chmod.

I finally , 😀 completed the tutorial today. The project is live at

Presently, if someone is not logged in as admin, then he/she may only read stuff on blog, so not all functionality are visible to you. I will try to keep working on it, while learning new things and improving it.

Till then, have a great time !!



First Basket!!

Well went for playing basketball today. I am really glad that I left my laziness in room and put the effort of getting my shoes and go to play, because it was all worth it. Maybe because I wasn’t that bad at it, I made my first basket today and well pretty soon as I started playing and made many baskets after that. The blowing wind and music banging from the gym were a plus point.The square on the pole, I don’t know the terminology of basketball yet but I hope its making sense what I want to write. The descending sun. Families on evening walks. Crescent moon. The white lights on the polls as the watchman lit them. Much more.


For more than an hour I was in the court and I really enjoyed it. Everything, The successful and the failed attempts too. I will not be evaluating it just now, all that is, it made me happy.