Caught between worlds

What’s frustrating to live in this time of the century is getting caught up in a place which is filled with people of different views and beliefs. Change is inevitable and I accept this fact. The theories and values that collide because of this change, they leave me drained. Not two, there are many directions in which you are pulled. Taking one step ahead, you are welcomed by many and you feel you are doing it alright but then hands from past try to take you back. Between this battle, you are stuck and are left in no peace. When there is a fight of viewpoints, its not necessary that one is ultimately right and others completely wrong. Situations, conditions count a lot in this judgement. To head in the right direction is expected out of you but alas, none is the right direction and none is the wrong one. After all, change is inevitable. What once was human is turned to ash, what once was rock is turned to the Sun. The one who understands this and accepts change is able to grow in life. Not that a tree abandons its roots to reach heights but lets the birds bring messages of the other winds and let the foreign waters flow through its veins.

What am I supposed to do, I find myself stuck. It was nothing and now its a question of where you belong and who you truly are. If I am wrong in eyes of hundreds there are thousands accepting me. I know this because my intentions are not evil, my ways are different. Whats great need not always be good and whats different need not always be wrong. It will remain like this, a struggle, you try to fit in places time and again. Once you were x and y didn’t like your ways, you tried to be y and now x won’t take you home. Let people blame me but I know its not my mistake and I know its neither theirs. Its just change, inevitable change.