You let go of me, so I will let go. Let go of the feelings. I realized I wasn’t holding onto you. I was only and always holding onto the belief that souls are forever. This only thought had kept us together for all this time. I was holding onto the faith that the end has to be happy despite all the problems that may come, till it is not happy, it isn’t the end.
Looks like I couldn’t stay strong. Everything finally broke me down and all the words that were thrown at me telling me I am foolish, took a toll and made me believe that I have always been too naïve to think that fairy tales exist in real life. Maybe they do, but not for all.
I don’t play those leads. Those stories aren’t written for me. We create fiction, things we fail to achieve. We picture the perfect image that we fail to preserve.
Like a pendulum, my mind swung
to and fro…
But I pray that God has written one of these fairytales for you dear. I wish you get the perfect girl you are looking for. With skin white as milk and sleek black silky hair falling down her shoulders kissing her back, not curls I possessed and a height matching yours, unlike the wisp I was. 32-28-32, the perfect thing you dreamt of that won’t once let your mind wander back to the slinky frame of mine, with a heart of gold and all the morals that a family could ask for in a daughter-in-law. I wish she be brainy and stay with you through thick and thin, always believing in the positivity of it all. A keeper and the perfect blend of new and old. That too she be confident of herself that I couldn’t ever be. A smile that is enough to tell that everything will be all right and the whole beautiful universe with its glittering stars be visible in her deep eyes. Her love be stronger than hatred.
I wish you get it all and then someday you be able to answer, what is love. And never underestimate the power of it. I hope you believe in the existence of magic.

For me, I want, just someone as broken as me who believes in imperfections, or maybe not. I think I want nothing more, or maybe not.


My Bucket list

  • To go to Parisindex – This will remain on top of this, I think like forever. I need to be under the Eiffel Tower at night.
  • One Disneyland – This is a childhood wish. Need to visit one Disneyland for sure, and now, it has changed to visit a Disneyland with my brother once in this lifetime for sure.
  • Own a Sherri Hill dress- This is new, got crazy about it somewhere in 2016 but a wish is a wish and should be fulfilled.
  •  Sherri_Hill_2015_Sadie_Robertson_.jpg


  • To own a piano – Thanks to my all music teachers and my school Director for bringing me close to music. I have promised myself, out of everything, this is something that I have to gift myself. Although it was originally to perform on a stage, but now I will be happy just to own this magic.
  • maxresdefault


  • To go to a rainforest – Some crazy childhood dreams. Though if I get to go there any day, I wouldn’t think twice before saying a yes. Same goes for some historical expedition.
  • maxresdefault.jpg
  • Visit Mawsynram – Rain my love, when I read about this place in some geography book, I knew I will have to go there.
  • Many more to come :D, suggest if you have something in mind