Nightout on 8th December’17 Jaipur

I had my last exam of Btech on 7th December, from 8 to 11 am. Next day, on 8th December, from 5 to 7 PM I had my lab exam of Real Time Systems. Luckily, It went pretty well. There was a farewell dinner organized for us in the college mess-A, but we had other plans. All of us rushed to our rooms, called each other to confirm if the plan was on, and started getting dressed up. I begged Neha and Anupriya to join but they didn’t. Nevertheless, I got dressed up in all black, picked a coat, kept my brush in the wallet and ran to the main gate. We settled on the last seat. We were 6, Mukesh, Simran, Somya, Nema, Sharma and me. Since this was a secret escape, we gave our keys to Seren. After a little argument in the bus, the places to visit for the night were decided.

Around 9 PM, we reached the Indian Coffee House for dinner and the waiter literally threw us out, but the receptionist was kind enough to offer us some food, but we were allowed to make the order only once. So after some good South Indian food that was served, the place was closed and we were pushed out. We made calls to the hostel we planned to stay at, and because of Swati and their group, we were offered a place. Since this problem was solved, we went to McDonald’s for another round of dinner. I tried their ice tea, it was good. Some Instagram posts were made, and a lot of crap was created. From there we left for 100% Rock Bar, it was around 10:30 PM when we reached there and after ordering the drinks we jumped on the dance floor, the music was loud AF.


We danced so much, the songs were a blend of Punjabi songs and some Bollywood. If I remember right, only two English songs were played. We were joined by a foreigner too who was in shorts and was enjoying way too much, joining every group once in a while. We made formations, copied each others’ steps and I screamed at the top of my voice. The bouncer had to come and tell Mukesh that one was not allowed to sit on the dance floor. Near 12:30 AM when the music was turned off, we headed out, clicked a lot of pictures and booked cab for the hostel.

So I, Nema and Sharma were in a cab, others in the other one and we didn’t know the way to that hostel, we were really scared. We turned into a little street that was a bit uphill, plus it was narrow. The locality was dead asleep at that time. At the entry of an avenue, the other three were standing. Our car stopped, the look at my friends’ face was comical, Somya was angry as I climbed out and said,”I am so sorry for suggesting this place, God help us tonight. I hope we stay alive.” I was the one who, after taking in advice from Swati, finalized this place to spend the night at.


So one guy from the hostel escorted us, some xyz streets we turned and went deep into the neighborhood. There was dead silence except for the noise of Mukesh’s heels and I tried to joke with Nema. Everyone kept asking that guy, “How long, how far?”

Hence, we reached the great place – “Chalo Eco Hostel”



Low cost hostel for bag-packers, everything there was handmade, the windows above the door, instead of having glasses, had bottles stuck with white cement and they gave out colors. The walls along the stairs had colorful flowers painted, the tables and the door of closets were made from wood planks of carets. There was a swing on the second floor where we were given a room for 6 people (Mixed veg they named it), a dormitory with yellow beds, a lamp attacked to each, blue pillow covers that read “Wild and Free”. The floor had two shared washrooms that were very clean. Below the AC it was written that save electricity because “dharti” needs it. On the door of the washroom it was written that “We wanted to hang a mirror here, but you wouldn’t like to see yourself in this state :P” The terrace was the smoking area, with jute chairs, dumbbells, sigdi for burning coal, and a bed. The walls were painted with bright colors and colorful duppata were hanged for decoration. I sipped my morning tea at 7 AM standing on a bench, looking at the range of the hills.


All throughout the night, we talked, laughed, giggled and made memories. I dozed off around 4 AM, but the laughter of my friends kept me in a subconscious state.  All in all, it was an unexpected experience.


In the morning we were running late to catch the college bus, the owner of the hostel took us through the lanes, he was such a helpful person. He took the pain of leading us out of the locality where no cab was coming to pick us up, moreover he booked an auto-rikshaw for us. We got down at the Pink Square mall and got on the bus from there. The sunlight felt warmer, I smiled.


We went for the breakfast together and the battle to open my room’s lock started after that. That’s another story, for another day.


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