The World Around

How can your world turn up-side down if you are always in contact with the ground. Technically your world will be turned relative to one position, and that too when the Earth would have revolved 180 degrees. So basically at every second there is an upside world relative to it that will exist in future and was in past. Yet, so many of us feel there world turning upside down now and then. Lately, I don’t find this world as mine, and neither I have found my world yet.
All through childhood I studied that humans are the smartest animals. We are lucky to be born as humans because we can think and act and preserve and pass our knowledge through generations. That is how we have evolved and are better than other species. But as I am growing up, I don’t really appreciate the human race I meet. I have stopped feeling it is better than other species.
It’s a vacant place, with dusty wind blowing, difficult to open eyes in this air. I don’t see a soul, only flesh covering bones, shapes and sizes but no charm. I see physical entities but no power and no energy. Only dark shapes moving. For these objects, everything boils down to physical contact. None of them can communicate without touch. No words flow through the air. It’s all void. If you want to be a part of this place, if you want to belong here, you need to learn the language of body. Else you will really feel alone here. Sometimes when I do catch a frequency or a wave of energy, I am mocked by others who are present here.
Why am I thrown on this vacant place I often wonder. Maybe because I am same as these objects made of flesh. But then, why don’t I feel it. Why is it so difficult for me to talk to these objects, and when I do, why don’t anyone really understands me? Many a times, I have tried to adjust and learn the language of the body, of touch, but there too I fail. I guess its time the controller of this environement realizes that there has been a mistake, either in my system or this place that I am put into, this is not my surrounding, I must be put somewhere else. My world doesn’t turn upside down, it’s not my world at all.
I don’t really give up that easily though, I turn left, I turn right, I turn 180 degree like the Earth with my back to my old position but well, I haven’t succeded yet. Maybe some fraction of degree remains where I have not looked. Maybe that is because the most powerful things are the most easiest to find and hence often we miss to notice them. Well I am looking till the I find success or the entire experimental environment changes. Living in this present vacant place with all these winds flowing, it’s really difficult with no communication or exchange of ideas. Where are you soul?


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