Live from Great Indian Developer Summit 2018

27th April, 2018 and here I am at GIDS, fortunate enough to attend such a marvelous conference before the beginning of my career as a software developer. I am thankful to my Outreachy mentor Marielle Volz, Wikimedia nad Software Freedom Conservancyfor providing me the chance to visit Bangalore and attend the 11th edition of this conference.

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Salthmarch along with other sponsers has organized this 5 day extragavanza. I will be blogging in detail about all the talks that I will attend today and my learning, but what could be better to blog live.
In the beautiful location of J. N. Tata Auditorium, we have the speakers who are best in their domains and the delegates who are of all ages. Data scientists, architects, backend developers, designers, etc.

The opening talk was by Mark Richards, about architectual modularity, its benefits and the trade offs. Given that it was a keynote, he took the opportunity to give an overview about the need for modularity and microservices. He would be conducting a hands on session tomorrow for putting everything he delieverd in a pratical way. Next, there were 3 15 minutes keynote sessions and my favourite out of them (or the one I understood the most) was Congnitive Serverless Architecture.

Mark Richrds after the session 1

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After some hot tea, I was lucky enough to attend the session of Neal Ford. He covered stories of projects that failed, what and why happened. I couldn’t get enough of him and I am glad there is a keynote session of him after lunch. He kept holding the audience for the entire session and there was good learning.

Neal Ford’s talk

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Next, I am attending “Serverless? Not so Faas!” by Matt Stine. I wanted to know what serverless architecture is and how it is better than cloud native architecture. The talk has demos and interesting content, but for me, given I have no experience with Azure, I am not finding it asy to understand. There is maven, containers, Spring, Azure and many more tools in action. But the idea of Faas, Function-as-a-service is new to me and hence I am glad I attended this session.

**************Lunch Break**************
For lunch and other meals, I must comment that the quality was pleasant and everything here is well management. The tactic for handling such a crowd it to have multiple table toh handle same food. I also visited the __ of Sapient and IBM. Parual Bansal, an employee of Sapient showed us her work on virtual reality. She painted objects on a page and made them move through a camera and language processing. She even gave me a card and hand wrote all the tools she used, and also her email id. At the IBM__, I got to know about IBM cloud, providing around 140 services for free and the attendant also told me about the developer platform by IBm where they take up challenges, project, tech talks and webinars.
**************During talk**************
Currently I am attending the session of Neal Ford on embracing change because technology will always be changing. For this there is evolutionary architecture and Fitness function. Next will be Mark Richards’ talk on reactive architectural pattern.

Do find time to read the detailed blog that I’ll writing later. Well, this has been a happening conference, with great management, wonderful speakers and diverse crowd. Hats off to the volunteers. I am  looking forward to attend this conference in future, more than once, and I am glad such conference takes place in India. Thank you Saltmarch